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    • “Yatra Buddha Bhumi” Project

      The spiritual teachings of Buddha have always had an important role in Thai society, and we believe that immersion in these disciplines is an important aspect of the development of the young. We? therefore provide assistance in 4 schools in the Sri Racha area, specifically to help students understand the importance of Buddha’s guidance as they move through their lives. Ban Nong Khla School, Wat Jukkacher School and Finn Wittayakorn School – an expert speaker visits weekly to advise on the teachings and meditation. Thaikasikornsongkrow School – we have created […]

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    • “Science on Mobile”

      Two years ago, in co-operation with the Government and Chanthaburi’s Rambhai Barni Rajaabhat University, we developed a mobile science laboratory that visits a number of schools along the Eastern Seaboard. Our aim is to improve science knowledge and skills and to inspire children to consider science as a future career. The results have been impressive:...

    • Volunteer program

      In 2017, S&J donated 40 sets of tables and chairs to Bannong Phakteim School in Saraburi, all made from recycled milk boxes....

    • Elephant Conservation

      The elephant enjoys a special place in the Thai psyche, and is revered by many. Nevertheless, many have been abused and overworked, particularly within the tourism sector, and there are now a num...

    • “Look Good, Feel Better”

      Psychology plays an important part in treatment of cancer patients, and we have, for a number of years, sponsored a program in which cosmetic trainers visit patients in treatment centers in Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani and Lampaeng. Patients are provided with a range of cosmetics and taught how to a...

    • HIV / AIDS Sanctuary Project

      The Saint Camillus Foundation, is a charitable organization that operates a center in Rayong providing shelter and care to homeless, indigent, and rejected people living with HIV / AIDS. In 2017, S&J donated THB 20,000 to set up an education fund for children at the center.    ...

    • Doen Dee Project

      “Doen Dee” machines are used to improve blood circulation in paralyzed and bed-ridden patients. A Thai invention that has significantly reduced the cost of this treatment, “Doen Dee” equipment has provided for a huge increase in treatment availability, and we were delighted to purchase 30 ma...

    • The “Smart Science” Teaching Program

      Following on from our successful “Science on Mobile” project, we are further co-operating with Rambhai Barni Rajaabhat University in Chomburi in a project to address the problem of a lack of science teachers in schools. The scheme practices an “active learning” style designed to attract and ...

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